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So, last time I was a little less than friendly-sounding, and I want to formally apologize to everyone for my jerk-y comments – although if you really were shocked and appalled, you probably aren’t reading this follow-up post, but being upfront about it makes me feel better so HA ALL OF YOU HAVE TO READ MY RECOMMITTMENT TO NOT BEING A JERK… or at least scroll down through it.
Sorry i was a jerk about China, it’s totally everyones’s problem and very rude of me to point the finger at them the way that I did. I merely intended to highlight the confluence of issues all workin’ their wily ways on China, and say that it’s a big deal. the “get your rear in gear” retort was a slip up caused by my inexperience with blogs and my stretching of the colloquial nature of the format – I keep forgetting that you guys can’t see my face right now, so like sarcasm and facial expressions and stuff are no bueno. So I’m reforming. from now on call me Mr. Politically Correct.

Ok, now that we have got our hard bop bopping away (if you closed that tab or didn’t click the link, shame on you) time for le blog post.
what to write about…. lets seeee… depressing, wuttt crazi, ahhhhh here we are. Last class we broke into groups and talked about this stuff. I was surprised to see that my group was kind of a minority in that we were anti-nuclear power, but Dr. Szulczewski told us that most “expert” predictions have us investing pretty heavily into nuclear power…. but I mean lets all remember the lessons we have learned from these guys and these guys (don’t wanna end up like this). So I did some research, and thats what we gonna blog about tonight.
Ok, so this dude agrees with me, and has some pretty legit sources, albeit two years old, and brings up some really good points that I hadn’t even thought about – like the idea of increased terrorist targets. I was focused mainly on the fact that nuclear fuel is also unsustainable since we still just dig it out of the ground, and that the waste is toxic and impossible to get rid of – but I think that Al Qaeda or any other terror organization might think of that as a moot point compared to the fact that we have all these things that look like this if you blow em up. but then again, Barack Obama is kind of a trump card….
But I think that the point that Dr. Szulczewski was really trying to make was that its really going to be tough for us to make the transition from our current ridiculous coal power structure, and that we are going to need nuclear energy to sort of wean us off of our old ways – and this article makes that point, although i’m weary of his confidence in the waste containment aspect, but its a really good article. Actually, that’s just a really cool website – there are a whole bunch of cool articles up there and its a great resource.
Anywho, I’m just gonna be perusing this world nuclear news site, so its time to wrap this bad boy up. Later guys

EDIT: Wait does anybody know why there’s a link to this page on the main class site? There’s not even like 10 of those up there and I’m the last one…. does that mean that I’m getting a lot of hits or something? It might be randomly assigned, but thanks anyways everybody!

3 Responses to “Nuclear Power – Helping or Hurting?”

  1. 1 Tori Wong

    haha, Zach! Sorry for making you feel like you had to take up 13 lines of Chinese-loving apology from last week. John Coltrane definitely made up for it…thanks!

    On the nuclear note…I was in the only OTHER anti-nuclear group in class yesterday, and I too was surprised that more people weren’t concerned with the environmental, health, and safety concerns of getting our power from yet ANOTHER non-renewable source labeled “green.” I guess it wouldn’t bother me so much if it weren’t being framed as this sustainable solution. Because point blank? It’s not. It’s just moving from mining coal and drilling oil to harvesting uranium.

    Let’s find the similarities in all three resources- they’re NOT renewable!

    Nice job, Zach. You’ve really captured the problem and introduced some great sources.

  2. 2 Tori Wong

    ALSO! Check out this Grist article from last week! A recent Wall Street Journal poll found that the most popular potential spending cuts were subsidies to build new nuclear plants, with 57 percent support.

  3. 3 Dr. Szulczewski

    Excellent post! So many informative and/or cool links with your ideas. And you did interpret my statements correctly- it’s hard to know how we’re going to have enough energy to maintain our quality of life, even with nuclear.

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