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Archive for February, 2011

So, last time I was a little less than friendly-sounding, and I want to formally apologize to everyone for my jerk-y comments – although if you really were shocked and appalled, you probably aren’t reading this follow-up post, but being upfront about it makes me feel better so HA ALL OF YOU HAVE TO READ […]

Up in the Air

China. Communism aside, less-than-airtight stance on human rights notwithstanding, and disregarding any cyber-attacks on Canada, the thing that really worries me about China is the sheer number of humans there. There are SO MANY CHINESE PEOPLE. and they all drum together. Its really, REALLY hard for that many people to live together in a highly […]

The Shrinking Aral Oasis

So this week we started talking about modern environmental problems – namely the Aral sea in the middle east. The Aral sea used to be one of the largest bodies of water in the area, but when the Soviet Union occupied the area during the cold war they diverted the river feeding the Aral from […]


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