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Post Number One!

So for my inaugural post, I wanted to talk about something we went over last week – the Anasazi indians of the american southwest. It kindof blew my mind to be talking about them as an environmentally destructive civilization, and only part of that is because they lived before New Mexico was really a desert… the real brain-bender here is that as a culture, we are almost trained to believe not only that modern civilization has some inherently bad and destructive traits (which it most certainly does) but also that the native people of any given land really did a much better job in “living with the land” so to speak – that they were far more environmentally sustainable than we are now. Basically this is a complete sham. Oh, cool. But seriously, this movie and this book and really even this movie too totally had me brainwashed. “Savages” is code for “they do it better than us and we’re too dumb to see it,” right guys? I feel like thats how every single environmentally conscious  anything in popular culture plays out – although i guess thats probably just the story that moves the most units, since these Anasazis really dropped the ball on this one. not to mention the Mayans and the Polynesians. Oh and the Easter Islanders. The thing is, I feel like i would totally go see a movie about Easter Island – although it would have to be shot super dramatically and then i would get to laugh at the idea of filmmakers trying to make me become emotionally involved in a story that essentially just this – “H@Y EV3RYB0DY!!!11!!!!  BU!LD THE5E G00FY ST@TUES TILL WE DIE!!!!!” Maybe I’m a jerk but i feel like knowing the punchline to any given Easter Island movie means that any attempt at serious character development beyond “My name is Easter Islander Mike, and I enjoy building statues!” will be met with the lolz. Regardless, and all lolz aside, I feel like I have been lied to by everybody. The Anasazi pueblos are a huge tourist attraction – people come from all over to see them, and for good reason. They are waaaay cool, and definitely very advanced. The thing that nobody mentions is that like……. their lust for pueblos literally destroyed their civilization, turning their forest into a desert, turning them into cannibals, and honestly? nobody likes a cannibal.
I guess thats today’s fun fact – nobody likes cannibals.
Gonna have to bear that one in mind, kiddos!
Love, Zach.

5 Responses to “Post Number One!”

  1. 1 Dr. Szulczewski

    I never thought about making a fictionalized movie version of the story of Easter Island. I bet it would be a blockbuster. One thing to keep in mind that throughout time, we’re all human with surprisingly similar desires, problems, and potential for both good and bad!

  2. 2 Robbie O'Donnell

    I think that looking back on these societies now we can say that they were pretty stupid to destroy their environments and think that making statues would solve all their problems. But they were just products of their environments and to them this was all they knew how to do to fix their problems. I mean I’m sure I’d be building the biggest statue on the island if I thought that I would live or it would bring me help from the terrible problems I had created.

  3. 3 rjodonnell3

    Those statues are still a pretty surreal concept to me. I have no idea how or why, with all the environmental degradation and loss of resources, the Easter islanders continued to make these ridiculous statues. I mean I’m sure if I was in their positions I would build the biggest statue that island had ever seen if I thought it would help me survive

  4. 4 Izabela Sikora

    I kind of feel the same way about the Easter Island – its a huge tourist attraction, advertised in my 2005 Traveler’s Atlas as “remote and world famous” and ironically those huge statues that witnessed the sad end of their makers , continue to be the main event for the people now. Nobody gets to know that this “big tourist destination ” is a destroyed piece of Earth, a barren land that lost all the trees…

  5. 5 szjohnson92

    It is definitely hard for me to get out of my shoes as a modern-day human, but i really truly do believe that the islanders HAD to realize that trees are good and no trees is bad. Its from that point of few that i wrote this article – and i realize that there whole infrastructure and religion and all told them to build more statues, but i just feel like its almost a base instinct that trees are good.

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